Mr. Silverbeard

Michael is the "old" guy in the team and with his 'inconspicuous' beard as "Mr. Silverbeard" a member of the Piratemania Germany crew.

As an IT professional, he has been pushing bits and bytes through mainframes, networks and on websites since 1987, has been giving training courses in marketing and for AI applications since 2020 and has been developing AI ChatBots for a wide variety of requirements since the beginning of 2022.

In 2010, he started geocaching together with Gregor in the team Cache42Bears and because they both love socialising they have hosted more than 50 geocaching events in 5 different countries and have participated in over 550 events across Europe. Both love tricky Mystery Caches and caches that tell a beautiful or exciting story. As part of the nine-member organisation committee of the mega-event "Geocaching Meets Beethoven" on 29.02.2020 this event had been the highlight so far.

Several times he had the chance to participate together with Gregor in the original Piratemania UK and they brought some ideas to the German team...

In the Piratemania crew, he is logically responsible for IT, takes care of the social media issues with Nick Nobeard and the workshops with Brother Baldbear.