Jack Sparerib

Alex, aka JACK SPARERIB, is being on tour as a geocacher under the name Sunny1169 since 2005.

He sets sail from his home port Siegburg an der Sieg. Or he takes the car, or the plane, or bus and train, or bicycle, or he simply walks. Boat trips on the water are very popular with him, but unfortunately they occur rather rarely.

His tours have taken him to many places worth seeing. He has also been able to meet up with many great people.

Preferably he likes to play interesting / special multi-caches, power trails, "Geo-Arts" or Adventure-LAB caches.

In 2020 he has been part of the organisation committee of "GEOCACHING MEETS BEETHOVEN" in Bonn.

In the orchestra he played the horn, that is, the only horn, quasi a horn (in German: ein Horn), or EinHorn (in English: unicorn). This animalistic pseudonym still follows him to this day...

Professionally, Alex is a purchasing agent for a large company. So it is obvious that he takes care of most of the procurement activities for the Pirate Crew. Another task is the acquisition and support of dealers.

 Together with Volker, he is the contact person for the event location.